PoS Marketing The Most Effective Marketing Channel For Influencing The Shopper

Eight out of 10 marketers rank point of sale (PoS) as the most influential marketing channel for influencing shopper purchasing decisions, ahead of traditional channels such as TV, radio and press advertising.

Creo, a PoS specialist that carried out the survey, said this shows the ongoing importance of physical stores, despite the shift towards omni-channel shopping.

Three quarters of marketers survey also indicated that between half and all their campaigns are now driven by in-store shopper marketing strategies as more brands and retailers seek to directly impact shopper behaviour at the point of purchase, yet 44% of marketers failed to measure spend against a shopper’s path to purchase.

The 2017 Point of Sale report by Creo, which surveyed 210 brand, marketing and retail executives from a cross-section of industries, including cosmetics, FMCG, food and drink and pet food, also revealed that 82% of marketers are failing to measure marketing return on investment (ROI) in an effective way, with access to data being cited as the stand-out barrier to measuring ROI, followed by time pressures and the complexity of campaigns.

Richard Saysell, Managing Director of Creo, said: “In a world where we are all increasingly cynical and brands need to understand the interaction they’re having with their consumers across a fragmented network of touch points, shopper marketing strategies and point of sale has never been more relevant. The retail industry is evolving so understanding the in-store experience and how to influence behaviour beyond price is critical if brands are to stand out from the crowd.

“While the majority of marketers are clear about the power of PoS and reflect this in their marketing spend, there seems to be a real gap in terms of measuring ROI and also understanding a shopper’s path to purchase”.

Andy Bodley, print & distribution manager of in-store marketing at Boots, commented: “We are always looking at ways to improve the experience for our Customers, whether its store layout, website design or greater flexibility of delivery options. We continually challenge ourselves about how we offer and display our products and services. Customers can access information through multiple touch-points, and it has never been more important to deliver a consistent message through the multiple channels available to us and then transform those in to a great ‘joined up’ Customer experience.”

When asked about top trends for 2017, 77% of respondents believe personalised digital displays will be a permanent feature on the high street whereas interactive mannequins and in-store magic mirrors were deemed ‘a flash in the pan’.