Boots Looking Drive Sales With New In-Store Customer Service App

Boots has launched new technology in its stores aimed at making it easier for customers to find the products they want to buy.

The retailer teamed up with IBM to develop the iOS app called ‘Sales Assist’ which it claims supports its vision to use mobility to change the way customers shop. The new app taps into the product databases on via an iPad, and uses its analytics to enable staff to easily make personal recommendations to customers, such as additional items or alternatives available, as well as view item location and online inventory. If a product is not in stock in store, the Boots staff member can use the app to locate the item in another Boots store nearby or offer to order the product online to be collected in the store of their choice the next day. The tool also allows staff to show product information, ratings and reviews.

“At Boots UK we’re investing in innovative new technology to further improve the retail experience for our customers, and mobility is at the forefront of this transformation,” said Robin Phillips, Director of Omnichannel and Development at Boots UK.

“By developing Sales Assist, in collaboration with IBM and Apple, and launching it on the 3,700 iPads in our stores, we’re integrating our digital and in-store presence to deliver an even better shopping environment for customers.”

NAM Implications:
  • Regular shoppers in Boots will realise that this ‘find-me’ app completes the  experience jig saw on Boots trips…
  • …and if floor staff can match shopper expectations…
  • Watch this space…
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