Online Shoppers Fail To Receive £250m Worth Of Packages

New figures released by Direct Line Home Insurance show that more than 3.6 million online shoppers in the UK have seen their deliveries either go missing or not be delivered over the past year. The study adds that the figure rises to more than 18 million over the last five years.

Direct Line said this was equivalent to more than £250m worth of orders, with the average value of a missing package reaching £68.  Additionally, for 10% of the shoppers, the average value of their absent package was £300.50.

The survey of more than 2,000 UK adults found that 89% now shop online, and that nearly 500 of those asked for their packages not to be left with neighbours. The reasons for that included not wanting to burden their neighbour (45%), not getting on with the neighbour (14%), and not trusting the neighbour (14%).

NAM Implications: 
  • Almost as damaging to consumer confidence as card-fraud…
  • Scope for Big A to demonstrate they are ahead of the online pack on this metric too?