SPAR Launches New Radio Service To Help Drive Sales

SPAR UK has recently launched a new broadband radio service for retailers, aimed at driving sales and creating a better atmosphere in stores.

SPAR Radio broadcasts pop music, creative advertising updated every three weeks, and seasonal or event themed content. It will also feature ‘take over’ shows in partnership with suppliers, and the option for personalised content specific to areas or stores to better target local customers.

The radio service has been developed in partnership with in-store radio provider KVHStudios, with SPAR saying it will bring retailers significant savings on maintenance and the cost of hardware per store.spar-radio-strapline

Philippe Rondepierre, SPAR UK’s Head of Marketing said that SPAR Radio could potentially reach an audience of up to 11 million shoppers every week. He added: “SPAR Radio is a great platform for our retailers to engage their customers and encourage them to spend longer in stores. With personalised content and advertising, it will also help retailers stand out from their local competition.

“There is also a great opportunity for suppliers to get involved with SPAR Radio, as they can choose from many advertising options to suit their budget, create bespoke adverts for their brand and even take over SPAR Radio for the day!”

NAM Implications:
  • If we accept that ‘patchwork’ geographical media coverage represents a way forward, SPAR radio seems worthwhile
  • …just a matter of persuading the agency to drill down to local differentiation…