Heatwave Boosts Sales At Waitrose But Trading At John Lewis Wilts

Waitrose saw its sales climb 7.2% in the week to 23 July, as its customers stocked up on products to help them cool off in the heat.

Amid rising temperatures, the chain sold a record amount of ice cream with sales jumping 74%. Frozen fruits were also up 39% and frozen desserts increased by 35%.

Meanwhile, shoppers quenched their thirst by picking up beers, wines and spirits with sales climbing 16.9%. Sales of Pimm’s grew by 63%, rosé by 54% and sparkling wine by 93%. Sales of freshly squeezed juice were up 61%, iced coffee increased by 50%, and ice was up a cool 140%.

Its outdoor living category also had a record week with sales up 65%. Sales of charcoal rose 120%, outdoor toys by 300% and sales of BBQ meat rose 45%.

However, the heatwave had a negative impact on sister chain John Lewis as shoppers focused on making the most of the good weather. The chain’s sales fell by 4.3% during the week with the fashion and home categories suffering the most – sales down 7% and 11.2% respectively. However, sales in electricals department rose 6.4%, boosted by demand for home cooling products such as fans and air conditioning units.

NAM Implications:
  • Real issue is whether Waitrose will be expected to help JLP correct profit dilution…
  • …Extent to which the group is taken as a whole, internally