Lidl Signs Pledge Backing British Farming

Lidl yesterday became the latest supermarket to sign up to the NFU’s Back British Farming Charter.

The charter, launched in 2013, is at the centre of the NFU’s campaign that calls on retailers, the food manufacturing industry, consumers and politicians to put British farming at the heart of food production policies. It includes commitments for retailers to stock more British food and work with British farmers to develop “committed, fair and beneficial relationships”. Aldi, the Co-op, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons and Waitrose have already signed up to the pledge.

NFU President Meurig Raymond said: “We are delighted that Lidl UK has pledged its support to the NFU’s Back British Farming Charter, highlighting a commitment to the future of the British farming industry.

“Independent surveys carried out by the NFU over the years, show that 86% of shoppers want to buy more British food. Today’s pledge by Lidl UK shows customers that it is committed to providing high quality products which are associated with British agriculture.

“To produce more food, farmers and growers need the support of retailers like Lidl UK to allow them to do their job.”

He added: “We thank Lidl UK for its commitment and wish to see other food processors and manufacturers, and politicians taking the Back British Farming message seriously.”

NAM Implications:
  • Where at: Ideal, but dependant upon the price the UK consumer is prepared to pay for principles i.e. Brexit will remove EU restraints/standards, and a bilateral trade agreement with the US, will result in access to cheaper alternatives to some UK produce (i.e.meat).
  • Where headed: In a highly competitive environment, retail price wars will be a constant factor in the mix.
  • Effect on you: A constant need for transparency and defensibility.
  • Action: Time to formulate a company position where appropriate.