More Retailers and Manufacturers Sign Up To The Courtauld Waste Reduction Commitment

Efforts to reduce waste in the food industry have been given a boost after WRAP announced that it had secured 30 new signatories for its Courtauld 2025 voluntary agreement.

Thanks to the new signatories who have signed since its March launch, the not-for-profit organisation said that Courtauld 2025 now includes food & drink businesses representing 95% of the 2016 UK food retail market – as well as many leading brands, manufacturers and hospitality & food service companies.

David Moon, head of sustainable food at WRAP said: “Building connections right across the supply chain makes Courtauld 2025 a powerful voluntary agreement and we are delighted with the desire for action shown from such a range of signatories. Already we’ve set up a number of industry-led working groups that are meeting to address important issues. These range from water and waste to sustainable design and buying; to areas as diverse as fresh produce, meat protein, dairy, redistribution and hospitality and food service.

“Later this year we will introduce a reinvigorated Love Food Hate Waste campaign, working in partnership with these big names with the aim of delivering the step change that’s required to push forward the work on household food waste.”

New Courtauld Commitment 2025 signatories include retailers Boots and Iceland Foods, along with manufacturers Burton’s Biscuit, Dairy Crest, Produce World, Puffin Produce and Quorn (Marlow Foods). Meanwhile, hospitality and food service companies Compass, Nando’s, and Subway have also signed along with a host of local authorities, trade organisations and government bodies.