Morrisons Changes Its Name To ‘Ma’am-Orrisons’ In Honour Of The Queen’s 90th Birthday

Morrisons is marking the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration lunch due to take place on The Mall this Sunday by serving up its own value version of The Patron’s Lunch.

The product line was launched this week by what looked like the Queen (!) at its Colindale store renamed Ma’am-orrisons, to celebrate the special occasion. She was seen giving her royal seal of approval to the £1.25 lunch menu, which includes a sandwich and cream-filled scone, freshly prepared in store. It will be served on the 11th and 12th June in hundreds of Morrisons cafés up and down the country.


The lady bearing the striking resemblance to the Queen wasn’t actually Her Majesty but the work of spoof-celebrity photographer Alison Jackson.

The Queen’s doppelganger was captured in a series of tongue-in-cheek images from enjoying a slice of the Elizabeth Sponge in the Morrisons café to dancing in the aisles.

For those marking the occasion with a get together at home, the retailer is offering a selection of Royalty-themed lines, including a three-tiered Elizabeth Sponge, a Morrisons Clarence the Corgi Cake, a crown topped pork pie and a Royal bouquet of patriotic-coloured flowers.

The Queen impersonqueen2-morrisonsator was spotted stocking up on her must-have items at the checkout, where the assistant scanned her groceries to the beat of God Save the Queen. Morrisions said that all of the items are available to buy in store and online to help shoppers across the UK recreate the Patron’s Lunch at an affordable price, so they don’t miss out on the celebrations.

Morrisons spokesperson Andy Atkinson commented: “Millions of people are on a budget, but want to take part in this special occasion, so we’ll be doing our bit to bring people together in our cafés and celebrate the 90th birthday of our longest serving monarch.”