Morrisons Giving Away Free Hot Cross Buns On Friday

Morrisons will give tens of thousands of customers a free hot cross bun on Friday for them to pass on to a neighbour or a loved one in an act of kindness this Easter.

The community initiative is being launched by the supermarket to bring people together. Research for Morrisons revealed that 54% say life is too busy to get to know their neighbours. Life pressures, such as work and family, have got in the way of community relationships, with 70% admitting to never speaking to their neighbour and a further 86% admitting they have no idea who lives on their street.

In response, Morrisons is producing the ‘Giving Bun’ to encourage customers to give a free bun away as an act of kindness – offering people the chance to re-connect with their communities, neighbours and loved ones.

Martin Clayton, Senior Bakery Manager at Morrisons, said: “Easter is a time to share and celebrate with family and friends. We wanted to do something to help our customers make someone’s day, which is why we’re giving away free hand-made hot cross buns in our stores and asking customers to pass them on.”

This Easter, Morrisons is set to bake a record 330,000 of their own hot cross buns across their 491 stores, an increase of 10% in comparison with last year’s hot cross bun sales, and making up over a fifth of all buns sold in the UK.