Sainsbury’s Cutting Hundreds Of Store Jobs As Part Of Efficiency Drive

Sainsbury’s has announced that it is cutting up to 400 roles as part of a shake-up of its store operations.

The group is removing 400 price controllers (staff that check prices are displayed correctly on shelves) from its operations with the task now set to be carried out by other staff. The affected workers will be offered jobs elsewhere in the business or redundancy.

Sainsbury’s also revealed that it was cutting night shifts in 140 stores, requiring around 4,000 staff to move to either early morning or late evening shifts. However, they are expected to lose their night-shift premium.

A company spokesperson commented: “We regularly review our business to ensure we’re operating as efficiently and effectively as possible and our resources are in the right place, so that we can provide our customers with the best possible service.

“Following a recent review, we are making some changes to administrative roles and night shift patterns in a number of stores, subject to consultation.”

The move comes amid a swath of similar announcements across the retail sector as businesses look for ways to make their shops more efficient and cheaper to run amid rising costs and changes in shopping behaviour.

NAM Implications:
  • Where at: Positive results of consultation (i.e. reaching agreement with trade unions) will be vital in transferring savings to the bottom line.
  • Where headed: Given the need for other mults to make similar changes, it is unlikely that Sainsbury’s will be placed at a disadvantage…
  • Effect on you: Whilst electronic shelf-edge labelling will prevent out-of-date promo-pricing.
  • Action: …suppliers may need to monitor on-shelf pricing of their brands.