Sainsbury’s Training Electronic Tongue To Taste-Test Its Own Brand Pet Food

In what will be a relief to professional human tasters, Sainsbury’s has revealed that it is trialling a revolutionary piece of technology, dubbed the Electronic Tongue, to taste-test its own brand pet food.

One of only three of its kind in the UK, the Electronic Tongue uses advanced sensors that work like taste buds to measure and compare taste. The machine is claimed to so accurate, that when experts in Sainsbury’s Quality Testing Laboratory put it to the test, it could taste the difference when pet food had even 0.03g more of salt added per 100g, and is even capable of measuring aftertaste.

Juliette Jahaj, Head of Analytical Testing at Sainsbury’s said: “There are a couple of challenges we face when it comes to quality testing pet food, the first being that it’s a fairly unpleasant job for human tasters. Secondly, we can’t ask dogs and cats their opinion!

“What’s paw-sitively brilliant about using the electronic tongue is that we can ensure our pet food is consistently being produced to the recipes that our taste-testing panels of dogs and cats love.

“It’s as close as we can get to talking to the animals – like Dr. Doolittle! We hope this trial gets the tails of the nation’s pets wagging!”