Tesco Launches ‘Food Waste Hotline’ For Suppliers

Tesco has launched an online ‘food waste hotline’ aimed at making it easier for suppliers and growers to pinpoint ongoing food waste hotspots, and work with the retailer in tackling them.

The ‘hotline’ is accessible to all Tesco suppliers via the retailer’s online Supplier Network, a resource used by over 5,000 businesses. The group said the ‘hotline’ will serve as a new link between these businesses and Tesco Product teams, and will enable them to alert Tesco to potential supply chain food waste and “work together to take action”.

Supply chain food waste accounts for a significant proportion of UK food waste. Tesco has committed to helping halve all UK food waste by 2025 and currently works with suppliers to reduce food waste where it occurs.

Matt Simister, Commercial Director, Fresh Food and Commodities at Tesco, said: “At Tesco, we have no time for waste, and we are committed to reducing food waste wherever it occurs, from farm to fork. The ‘food waste hotline’ is another little help we are making to achieve this with our suppliers.”

NAM Implications:
  • A reduction in food waste means a reduction of the same sales equivalent, at least until the system adjusts to a leaner, fitter, lest wasteful supply chain…
  • And any success in persuading the consumer to buy and rotate more wisely will have a similar impact on demand.
  • In other words, all stakeholders need to budget for less sales throughout the adjustment period, as the system adjusts to ‘real demand’ optimisation…