Tesco Unveils ‘Fair For Farmers Guarantee’ On All Its Milk

Tesco has unveiled a new Fair For Farmers Guarantee on all of its fresh milk, as part of moves to build “transparent, long-term relationships” with its suppliers.

The Fair For Farmers Guarantee explains how every pint of milk sold at Tesco is 100% British and provides customers with information on the fair price Tesco pays to all of its dairy farmers.

Tesco sources all of its fresh milk from the 600 British farmers who make up the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group (TSDG). The group was founded by Tesco in 2007 to ensure farmers benefit from a price which is above the cost of production.

Matt Simister, Commercial Director for Fresh Food at Tesco, said: “Since we founded the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group (TSDG) in 2007, we’ve been working in partnership with our farmers to ensure they have a sustainable long term future.

“When customers buy our milk they want to know our farmers are fairly treated and their cows are well cared for, so we’ve introduced the Fair For Farmers Guarantee on all our milk to give them peace of mind that they’re supporting British farmers with every pint of milk they buy. “

While prices may fluctuate in shops, Tesco said it pays farmers a price above the cost of production, set for three months at a time, ensuring they have a stable income, no matter what happens in the market. Since November 2007, the group said that in total it has paid £240m over market prices to its milk farmers.