What Factors Influence Supply Chain Success? – Retailer vs Supplier

On the Wednesday 8th June Sainsbury’s suppliers will learn more about how they can “work more effectively – and ultimately sell more – with the retailer.” IGD 2016

In last year’s trade briefing, Sainsbury’s presented the findings from an IGD report where both retailers and suppliers were asked “What are the biggest factors that facilitate supply chain success?”

The top 3 answers from retailers were Technology, Collaboration, Data and insights. This matched the supplier’s responses for 3 of the top 4 factors they perceived to influence supply chain success.

“What are the biggest factors that facilitate supply chain success?”


Source: Supply Chain Analysis, IGD, January 2015 Base: 230 senior supply chain specialists (75% suppliers, 22% retailers, 3% 3PLs, international sample), fieldwork: September 2014

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If you are attending the Sainsbury’s trade briefing 2016 and want to further understand the benefits of using your retailer data more effectively then get in touch with Lauren on [email protected] or 07985 236 253.