Tesco, Aldi Named As Top Supporters Of Scottish Beef

Of all the retailers operational in Scotland, Tesco and Aldi have been named as the top supporters of Scottish beef by the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) Scotland.

A survey by NFU Scotland found that the two chains were the only multiples whose Scottish outlets clearly marked all their burgers as containing Scottish beef.   The report noted that Morrisons, the Co-op and Lidl also offered their customers clearly labelled Scottish beef burgers (but not all of them), while Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer labelled their burgers as British.  However, Asda did not mark most of its burgers with any clear country of origin stamp, although some labelled British were available.

NFU Scotland noted: “While many will use their local butcher or farm shop to source their meat, it is encouraging for anyone planning a barbie that the vast majority of large retailers in Scotland also offer Scotch beef burgers. All burgers available in the Tesco and Aldi stores are Scottish and this commitment to provenance and clear labelling is positive.”

The trade body added: “It was unfortunate that the origin of some of the burgers available in Asda was not apparent from the label – something we have raised with the retailer – which is why we think it is important for shoppers that we see clear country-of-origin labelling for processed meats introduced in the UK.”