Account Management Calculators

Account Management Calculators

Essential tools and calculators to help NAMs/KAMs manage the profitability of dealings with major customers

An Excel-based set of 34 on-the-job calculators and insights available in a single tool-kit available to purchase for £70.

Online Calculators: 

NOTE: These pages are best viewed on a computer or tablet device, rather than a smartphone.

Tool for calculating Selling Price, Cost Price or Margin when different variables are known.

A Buying Mix Analysis provides a means of assessing the competitiveness of your product offering, through the eyes of a Buyer in your account.

How much it costs the supplier to give free credit to the retailer.

Cost to the supplier of holding stock for sale to customer.

Buy One Get One Free – The more you sell, the more you lose.

How to calculate the % extra discount to offer the customer for a reduction in payment period.

Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment (GMROII) – How to link ‘Small’ margins with Rate of Sale.

How to prove the value of your brand on the shelf, spacewise.

 Calculate the effect on the supplier’s gross profit of cutting the price to the retailer. i.e. how much extra has to be sold to bring in the same cash profit.

Systematically explore the implications of an event in terms of what could go wrong, its impact and possibility of occurrence.

If your customer goes bust, how much extra do you need to sell in order to restore lost profit?

Compound Annual Growth Rate – Equals the year on year growth rate over a period of several years.

Everyday conversions for area, distance, weights, volume, and temperature.