N. AMERICA: Select Results In Brief (Publix, Weis, Jean Coutu)

Publix Super Market has seen its first-quarter sales grow by 4.5% to $8.7bn, on like-for-like growth of 3.3%. Net profit, meanwhile, was up 6% to $581.9m.

The US grocery giant said it benefitted to the tune of 1.2% in sales due to the shift of the Easter holiday to the first quarter. It was also helped by an improved economic climate contributed to the increase in comparable store sales.

Meanwhile, Weis Markets saw its first-quarter sales grow by 3.6% to $738.2m, with LFL sales up by the same amount, even as net profit soared up 51.1% to $20.1m. The regional US chain also said it was helped by the early Easter holiday, as well as improved efficiency and supply chain support.

Finally, in Canada, the Jean Coutu drugstore chain saw its fourth-quarter revenue decline by 1% to C$706.6m, despite a 0.3% increase in retail LFL sales. Pharmacy sales were down 0.3% in the period, offsetting a 0.9% uptick in front-end sales.

Despite the results, full-year revenue was up 1.5% to C$2.3bn, on a 1.5% increase in retail LFL sales. Pharmacy sales were up 1.2%, while front-end sales grew by 1.6%.