CANADA: Walmart Extends Visa Card Ban

Walmart has expanded its ban on accepting Visa credit cards at its Canadian outlets, following from an initial decision in July.

Earlier this year, Walmart said it would stop accepting Visa cards at three outlets in Ontario, citing a disagreement with Visa on an “acceptable fee”.  It has now said this ban extends to all 16 of its outlets in Manitoba province, effective 24 October.

Explaining its decision, the retail giant noted: “Following an evaluation of credit card transaction fees in Canada and the rest of the world, we have concluded the fees applied to Visa credit card purchases remain unacceptably high. Walmart’s purpose is to save customers money so they can live better”.

In response, Visa termed the decision “disappointing”, adding: “Visa remains committed to actively working with Walmart so that Canadians can use their Visa cards wherever they wish to shop.”

Walmart operates 406 outlets in Canada currently.