GLOBAL: Pepsi To Become First Brand To Use New Twitter ‘Stickers’

PepsiCo has become the first advertiser to make use of Twitter’s new sponsored ‘Stickers’ ad format, which was launched earlier this year.

‘Stickers’ allows users to add emojis to their photographs, and the deal with Pepsi will see the brand offer sponsored versions of the same.  Twitter uses will be able to avail of 50 customised (branded) Stickers, all of which will feature prominently in Twitter’s Stickers library.

Using a sponsored Sticker will cause a hashtag to appear inside the tweet, and also allows users to click on it and see who else has used the same and how they have used it. Twitter said the move “allows a brand to see and engage with the people who are using their stickers in creative ways.”

The deal with Pepsi appears to be a one-off, with Twitter saying other brands can design just “four to eight” Stickers.