US: Amazon Offers Cheaper ‘Fresh’ Service To Prime Members

Amazon has lowered the price of its AmazonFresh grocery shopping service for members of its Prime programme, adding yet another incentive to the latter service.

Members of Amazon Prime will now have to pay $14.99-a-month for AmazonFresh, amounting to $179.88 a year, considerably below its previous $299-a-year fee.  Membership to Amazon Prime itself costs $99 a year, or $10.99-a-month.

AmazonFresh offers unlimited grocery deliveries in the market where the service is live. Customers can order by 10am for same-day delivery by 6pm, or order by 10pm for delivery the next morning by 6am. It also offers a one-hour time slot if receiving the order in person, or a 3-hour time slot for doorside drop-off.

NAM Implications:
  • Where at: This 40% reduction has to attract extra business over the threshold, whilst setting an 8-hour delivery period target for the opposition.
  • Where headed: Serious competitors will note the additional 1-hour and 3-hour alternatives.
  • Effect on you: Amazon continuous online game-upping raises entry levels for anyone contemplating online.
  • Action: Time for an objective reassessment of your logistics capabilities against latest (Amazon) standards. Anticipate and meet these markers, or find other ways of fulfilling need.