Botanic Lab Secures Listing With Waitrose

Botanic Lab, the cold-pressed drinks brand, has secured listing with Waitrose for two of its most popular products.

The ‘Isotonic’ and ‘Botanic2’ cold-pressed juices are now available in 45 Waitrose stores across the UK, in 250ml bottles (£5.99). Isotonic combines cold-pressed raw cane grass with raw Japanese yuzu, and adds activated charcoal. Meanwhile, Botanic2 uses superior grade panax ginseng to enhance the aromatic vitamin C packed, citrus-thyme blend.

CEO and co-Founder Rebekah Hall noted: “For us this represents an exciting move into UK wide premium retail, introducing Botanic Lab drinks to a wider audience.  We will be looking to build on this initial listing with more products and stores over the coming months.”

Botanic Lab is already stocked at premium retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges and Fenwick of Bond Street.