Kerry Foods In Groundbreaking Campaign For Mattesons Fridge Raiders

Mattessons Fridge Raiders, the meat snacking brand from Kerry Foods, is launching a new £1m integrated campaign which will drive incremental sales into the meat snacking category. Officially launching today (6 October) and running for eight weeks, ‘The Snacker Hacker’ is Fridge Raiders’ biggest, most ambitious gaming campaign to date.

In the week prior to launch, six of the world’s biggest YouTube gamers, with a combined reach of over 20 million, simultaneously revealed that their gamer tags had been stolen by a mysterious hacker. The six gamers each called on their fans to hunt the hacker and help them get their tags back. With only a cryptic video remaining on their YouTube channels, the challenge for fans was to follow various clues and crack a series of codes in order to hunt the hacker and help the gamers get their gaming tags back.

After a week of unbranded activity, a series of online VOD adverts and supporting promotional packs containing additional clues and codes revealed that Fridge Raiders was behind the campaign.  As well as the on-pack clues, an ‘Every Pack Wins’ mechanic will give shoppers the chance to win aspirational prizes, such as Alienwear laptops,PS4s, Raspberry Pi’s and unique downloads.

Hayley Murgett, Senior Brand Manager, Mattessons, at Kerry Foods said: “The Snacker Hacker is the most innovative, groundbreaking digital campaign we have launched to date for Fridge Raiders and it is set to drive real interest and excitement into the meat snacking category. Tech-savvy teens are the most likely to want to engage with the activity to unmask the Hacker, but there is an underlying educational element to the campaign which will have a huge appeal to parents; all will be revealed as the activity reaches its conclusion.”