Mizkan Euro Unveils Major New Haywards Campaign

Mizkan Euro has unveiled a major new campaign for its Haywards pickled vegetable brand, aimed at millennial males.  The digitally-led ‘Lad in Salad’ campaign aims to demonstrate that pickled vegetables are ideal for livening up a salad.

The activity – the first of its kind for the brand – will include sampling, digital advertising, SEO and a social media campaign. As well as encouraging the use of Haywards products in salads, the campaign will build on last year’s re-brand showcasing the versatility of its products and the Tang-o-meter, a visual on-pack guide to the tanginess of the product. Recipe suggestions have been strategically developed based on SEO data by looking at the most popular search terms around salads.

The campaign also includes a partnership with influential fitness vloggers, The Lean Machines, who have recorded over 15 million views.  In addition to this, 15 videos will be created for use across Haywards’ web and social media properties, as well as in digital advertising, to highlight how pickled vegetables can be used to liven up salads.

Sampling activity will roll out at Asda as well as city centre locations close to Sainsbury’s. The Haywards team will also be livening up lunch for all of the participants at the Yorkshire Tough Mudder (6/7th August) and the South West Tough Mudder (20th/21st August).

The campaign has been developed following extensive consumer research by Haywards Pickled Vegetables, which found a huge opportunity to be linked to the 1.5 billion salad eating occasions in the UK each year. The research also found that millennial men over index when it comes to using pickled vegetables and that 71% of people are now eating healthier than ever before.