Nairn’s Bucks Trend By Increasing Size Of Gluten Free Oatcakes

Nairn’s Oatcakes has added an extra 33% of product to its popular Gluten Free oatcake range, in sharp contrast to the trend of brands decreasing pack sizes in response to growing inflation.

The range now weighs 180g (up from 135g) while retaining the same RRP, offering shoppers even better value for money in every box.

Martyn Gray, MD at Nairn’s Oatcakes, said: “The UK is going through a period of food inflation and many brands are reducing the size of their packs.  Also, Gluten Free products are often more expensive than standard lines because of the rigorous testing required to ensure safety for those who need follow a GF diet for medical reasons. At Nairn’s, we’ve recently invested over £6.5m in a brand new gluten free factory that’s significantly bigger and more automated than our previous site.  We’ve taken the decision to pass on some recent cost savings to the consumer in the form of a 33% extra fill pack on our popular GF Oatcake range.  These have been very well received by consumers and it is looking likely that we will move to a permanent 180g pack in the near future”.

Nairn’s is now one of the UK’s top 5 gluten-free producers (Mintel), with products including oatcakes, crackers, cereals, sweet biscuits, and snack lines.