New Doritos On-Pack Promotion Offers Cash Prizes

The Doritos brand has launched a new on-pack promotion, which offers shoppers a chance to win cash prizes.

The campaign, which began on 3 May and will run until 1 August, requires consumers to take part in a penalty shootout competition online.  The promotional Doritos packs include a unique code, which needs to be entered online as part of the ‘Stick or Kick’ challenge.

Each goal scored results in a prize and players can choose to either ‘stick’ to keep their prize, or if they are feeling bold, put it at risk by choosing to ‘kick’ and take another penalty. If the player successfully scores the next penalty they win a bigger prize but if they lose they will go away empty handed. Prizes include a pack of Doritos and cash prizes from £10 up to £500, with shoppers having a 1 in 5 chance of winning at each stage, even for the £500 top prize.

The promotion will be supported with a strong marketing campaign including digital, TV advertising and in-store activation.