New Report From Sainsbury’s Highlights Popularity Of Rosé Wine

Selling around 15 million bottles of rosé every year, Sainsbury’s has launching a dedicated Rosé Report looking into who is buying it, when and why.

Elizabeth Newman, Head of Beers, Wines & Spirits at Sainsbury’s, comment: “It’s the perfect time for Sainsbury’s to launch this exciting report. Rosé Uncorked shows that consumer habits are constantly changing in the world of wine. It’s particularly interesting to see that younger consumers are opting for lighter-coloured rosé and I think the glamour, associated with the paler pink ‘celebrity choice’ styles, has certainly boosted this trend”.

Rosé Uncorked includes insights into the nation’s favourite pink drink, such as:

  • Over 15 million bottles of rosé are sold every year at Sainsbury’s… enough to fill 8,800 hot tubs
  • 1 in 10 bottles of still wine sold in Sainsbury’s is now a rosé
  • Sainsbury’s sells a range of more than 50 still rosé wines, and this is set to rise
  • One in three people prefer drinking lighter-coloured rosé in the summer (YouGov)
  • More than a quarter of 18-24 year olds stated that they’d be more likely to serve a lighter-coloured rosé wine than a darker one to guests (YouGov)

Download the Sainsbury’s Rosé Report (PDF)