New ‘Sparkling Ice’ Drink Claims To Be Outselling Leading Brands

Sparkling Ice, a new drinks brand launched by US firm Talking Rain Beverage Company, is trumpeting its success following its deput in the UK & Ireland in April.

The flavoured sparkling water product was initially launched in London, Dublin and Belfast as part of the international expansion plans for the brand. After just four weeks on the shelf, the company says that Sparkling Ice outsold leading soft drinks brands by more than 24% in a major high street retailer, which is set to increase further across more stores over the coming months.sparkling-ice-drink

Currently selling in over 7,500 multiple and high street stores, Talking Rain said Sparkling Ice has enjoyed a top five position within traditional carbonate sales in leading impulse retailers, increasing sales figures with positive consumer feedback since its launch. As a result, the brand has agreed to additional distribution with a number of leading retailers, further increasing its presence in the category.

Kevin Klock, President and CEO of Talking Rain Beverage Company, said: “We are delighted to see such great success early on in our expansion in the UK and Ireland and are proud to be able to deliver a ‘better for you’ soft drink choice.”

“Similar to the U.S., we are seeing a cola fatigue and a consumer desire for beverages that deliver on taste and variety without the calories.  As a low calorie beverage, Sparkling Ice has proven that you do not have to compromise on taste.”

Sparkling Ice’s 12-calorie drink was initially available in the three flavours: Black Raspberry, Orange Mango and Peach Nectarine, but due to its quick success, a new Kiwi Strawberry flavour has been introduced to be distributed across a number of leading retailers, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Sparkling Ice is available in select retailers with an MRRP of £1.49 in the UK and €1.99 in Ireland per 500ml bottle.