Nisa Records Growth In ‘Heritage’ Range Following Leaflet Deals

Nisa has announced a significant year-on-year rise in sales of a number of ‘Heritage’ fresh produce lines, driven by strong promotional activity on its consumer leaflet.

Following regular features on the consumer leaflet and a series of promotions on selected fresh produce lines, the category has seen significant volume increases including a 400% uplift on iceberg lettuce, 330% on red grapes, 240% on cucumber and an increase of 100% on green grapes.

Additionally, Nisa’s wholesale fresh produce service recently experienced a record week, with an overall volume increase of 180% since the launch of the service in March. The service allows retailers to purchase fresh produce online and have them delivered to their door.

Stephen Paine, trading controller for fresh produce, commented: “It is extremely encouraging to see so many of our members engaging with the fresh produce deals. We plan to continue to drive fresh produce through a variety of promotions throughout the rest of the year.”