NüDEST On-The-Go Snack Brand To Launch In Market

A new snack brand is set to launch into UK stores soon, offering on-the-go options in a ‘first of its kind’ range.

The range is made from 100% natural fruit puree, Greek style yoghurt and whole grains, packed in a pouch for eating on the go.  It contains no artificial ingredients, added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavourings or colours.

The initial range includes two flavours – Apple, Pear, Wheat and Cinnamon; and Banana, Oats, Honey & Vanilla – available in 160g packs with re-sealable nozzles. They will be found in the chilled on-the-go section.

Founder and CEO, Fiona Keane, said of the launch: “We’ve dedicated a lot of time into developing this unique product with the aim of creating something that is wholesome, handy and most importantly delicious. Focus group research has been so positive; the main feedback we keep hearing is just how great it tastes. It’s so simple to use and easy to carry about, making the perfect pick-me-up snack, from busy professionals looking for an on-the-go breakfast to outdoor sports enthusiasts such as long distance cyclists and hikers seeking a tasty energy boost.”