Tesco Serves Up Prepared Frozen Fruit Range

Tesco is launched a new range of prepared frozen fruit, aimed at saving shoppers time, hassle and reducing food waste.

The range features some of the trendiest but also trickiest foods to prepare without fuss – pomegranate, beetroot, watermelon, and coconut. All of the new frozen products come in easy to use re-sealable packs. The beetroot and coconut are already diced while the watermelon is in chunks and the pomegranate is seeded.

Tesco said the range will allow shoppers to use only what they need and keep the rest in the freezer. Marianne Atken, Tesco frozen food buyer, explained: “Anyone who’s ever tried getting the seeds out of a pomegranate to add outstanding flavour to a salad or tried breaking open a coconut will know how fiddly it can be. Our new frozen range is a delicious and hassle free way to help assemble that eye-catching dish.”