Waitrose Begins Stocking Muffins For Dogs

Waitrose has begun stocking ‘Iced Woofins’, a dog treat from Barking Bakery, encouraged by the growing popularity of animal-friendly versions of classic human treats.

Available in three varieties – Pink Iced Vanilla Woofin, Vanilla Iced Carob Woofin, and Carob Iced Carob Woofin – the muffins (£3) are made with dog-friendly ingredients, consisting of a vanilla or carob sponge, topped with a swirl of creamy yoghurt icing, and decorated with an assortment of bone themed biscuits.

They are currently available from www.waitrosepet.com

Kate Gibbs, Waitrose Pet Buyer, commented: “The fun customers can have with pet food is increasing rapidly, as animal lovers drive demand for quirky ‘humanised’ products, often mirroring mainstream foodie trends. The pets love them because they’re delicious, and their owners get a cute cupcake to feed to their dog – it’s win win!’