Blakemore Lowering Wholesale Prices As Part Of £1.3m Investment In Retail Partners Scheme

Blakemore Trade Partners has recently re-launched its Retail Partners Scheme with a £1.3m investment in wholesale price reductions for retailers.

The scheme offers independent retailers a range of benefits, including a reduction in wholesale prices on more than 180 key products, removal of elements of Guild charges, the opportunity to earn an overrider of up to 2% of wholesale spend (excluding cigarettes and tobacco) as well as category advice and range implementation support.

In return, retailers agree to buy all products on their core range planograms from A.F. Blakemore and support promotional campaigns and SPAR brand launches.

Blakemore Trade Partners Sales Director Neil Mercer commented: “We have re-launched our Retail Partners Scheme with a new focus on top-up shopping.

“We looked at the key categories purchased by top-up shoppers and aligned our programme, investing in the wholesale price on a key range of known-value top-up essential items.

“With a £1.3m investment in the scheme for 2016/17 Blakemore Trade Partners is committed to helping retailers maximise their sales and profitability.”

The Retail Partners Scheme helps retailers through the implementation of planogrammed ranges and a programme of promotional activity. Mercer added: “We are working more closely with our retailers than ever before to support them with range implementation and have introduced significant new measures to improve our reporting on product data and compliance.

“This will significantly improve our insight and ability to deliver on supplier arrangements as well as the core values that SPAR stands for; the original name of DE SPAR is an acronym of Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig, which translates as Through united co-operation everyone regularly profits.”

Blakemore said that it has carried out an audit of every store on the scheme to produce tailored planograms for each site. Retailers will be advised on the core range items and promotions that will help them achieve the best returns for their businesses.

Currently 430 stores across the Blakemore Trade Partners independent SPAR estate are members of the Retail Partners Scheme.

The group said with stores on the scheme accounting for 68% of Blakemore Trade Partners’ wholesale turnover, delivering against the programme’s objectives from a wholesale perspective represents a £33m sales opportunity for the business.

NAM Implications:
  • Retailers could gain from participation in the scheme…
  • …whilst taking the precaution of monitoring the total gain vs. offerings available from other wholesalers…