Poundland Delays Launch Of Twin Peaks Bar Due To Legal Dispute

Poundland has been forced to delay the launch of its new ‘Twin Peaks’ chocolate bar due to a legal dispute with Mondelēz International, the owners of the Toblerone brand.

Twin Peaks bar

Poundland announced last month that it was planning to launch its own chocolate bar that bears a striking resemblance to the popular Toblerone bar.  The discount chain partnered with British firm Walkers Chocolates to develop the own brand product, which has two humps rather than the distinctive single peak chunks of Toblerone.  At 180g, Twin Peaks is 20% heavier than its branded equivalent but still priced at £1.

Toblerone bars are one of Poundland’s biggest sellers.  However, the chain began developing its Twin Peaks alternative earlier this year after Mondelēz “created uproar” by reducing the weight of its Toblerone bar by 20g and changing the shape of its iconic brand. The altered version saw the famous triangular chocolate peaks spaced out more widely with Mondelēz blaming the move on higher ingredients costs.

twin-peaks-poundland2Twin Peaks bars were due to go on sale this month but the launch is reported to have now been put on hold after Poundland received a legal letter from Mondelēz International.  According to The Guardian, the two companies held talks last week, although both sides are refusing to comment publicly on the details of the dispute.

The report added that Poundland is still planning to go ahead with selling Twin Peaks bars once the dispute is settled.  A spokesperson for Poundland is quoted as saying the product is “still in development.”

NAM Implications:
  • Twin peaks, and more of them…
  • Offer-profile raising via legal issues.
  • A double no-brainer…?