New Report From KP Snacks Reveals Key Trends In Crisps, Snacks And Nuts Category

KP Snacks has launched its first ever Insights Report, showcasing consumer behaviour and shopper trends impacting and influencing the way in which the Crisps, Snacks and Nuts category is evolving and being marketed.

The report was created by the KP Snacks Insights team in association with him! and Mintel.  It also reviews the retail landscape looking closely at the convenieKP-snacks-reportnce sector, which continues to experience strong growth as shopper habits evolve.

KP said that key trends identified in the report demonstrate the importance of brand and flavour when purchasing crisps and snacks. Shopper behaviour is also examined with a clear trend for people looking for permissible snacks which deliver on “quality, taste and provenance”.  The shift in consumption occasions and the rise of on-the-go and staying in is investigated in the report with KP Snacks showing how it is tapping into these trends.

Key findings:

  • The snacking landscape is worth £11.9bn
  • Flavour is the most important factor when purchasing a crisp and snack (51%)
  • 63% of people snack at least once a day, with the majority (79%) snacking at home – 47% snack at work and 18% when on-the-go
  • The top three preferred snack choices are chocolate, crisps and fruit with as many people selecting fruit as crisps
  • Taste is the number one driver when choosing a snack (51%). 52% of snackers say taste is more important than healthiness and 53% of eaters are prompted to buy when they see new flavours on shelf
  • 40% of people who snack have cut back on sweet snacks in favour of savoury treats in the past year
  • The majority of consumers (54%) say smaller sized packs of snacks help control calorie intake
  • PMPs continue to play a key role in the convenience sector with half of shoppers saying it reassures them they are not being overcharged – 82% of retailers say PMPs are a ‘must-stock’
  • Food To Go remains a major opportunity for convenience stores. 47% of crisp shoppers buy on meal deal with 82% stating that brand is the most important factor when purchasing crisps

Andy Riddle, Branded Sales Director for KP Snacks, commented: “In 2013 when KP Snacks was formed through the Intersnack purchase from United Biscuits, we set off to create a UK centric snack focused business to develop category growth. From the very start of our journey we have listened and invested in insights to help us truly understand consumers, shoppers, customers and the changeable environmental impacts facing us all.

“Our plans have been rooted in these insights and we’re very grateful that these plans are resonating with consumers and customers such that we are supporting the category into growth as the fastest growing UK branded snacks manufacturer.

“This is shaped from our business ethos: Insight led, brand passion driven, working as SnacKPartners for our customers, and developing a highly effective, motivated, engaged team. In direct response to some of the insights we have gleaned, 2017 will see us further tapping into the healthier eating trend and launching NPD in our nuts portfolio. We will be exploiting the importance of flavour and taste with some exciting news on our nuts brand and will continue to promote McCoy’s and its renowned flavour credentials with new advertising for our McCoy’s Chips brand.”

KP Snacks believes that in a cluttered market, brand loyalty is more important than ever.

“It is clear from the report that brand remains key which is why this year, we are increasing our marketing spend to £13m to drive brand awareness.  It is important we are looking at our portfolio with a long-term view to ensure strong brand value and lasting relationships with our loyal consumers and retail partners. By continuing to invest heavily and deliver quality brand campaigns in the right way at the right touchpoints is crucial to ensure we thrive in the future,” concluded Riddle.