SodaStream Sales In The UK Jump 36% As Consumers Seek Healthier Options

SodaStream has revealed that its sales in the UK jumped 36% during the first quarter of the year, which it attributed to growing concerns about sugary fizzy drinks and new TV advertising.

In Western Europe as a whole (which includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, UK, Benelux and Scandinavia), sales rose a record 15% to $62.6m.

In the UK, SodaStream is the number 3 sparkling water brand. The company said its uplift in sales can be seen in the context of the current consumer shift to low sugar and naturally flavoured water substitutes. Research (Zenith International, 2015) shows that almost half of all carbonates sold in the UK are now low or no calorie. Added to that, sales of bottled water continued to flourish, up 9.3%, and nearly three quarters of all dilutables sold are low or no calorie.

A major investment in TV advertising across its European markets has also bolstered the brand’s growth.

Sumen Rannie, Commercial Director at SodaStream UK, commented: “SodaStream is perfectly placed to respond to the current consumer demands for healthier alternatives to fizzy drinks. It provides sparkling water on tap and rides the fruit trend with natural, low sugar flavours. We know that globally, people are concerned about their sugar intake and our growing sales are testament to this fact. Unlike store-bought fizzy drinks, SodaStream consumers can opt for either natural sparkling water or add as much (or little) flavour to their drinks. Research has also shown that people with a SodaStream consume 3 more glasses of water and water-based drinks a day (and 54% less sugary fizzy drinks), compared to those without a SodaStream.”

She added: “We are planning to continue to grow this category and inspire consumers to use our system on a daily basis so watch this space”.

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