TIPA To Launch New Flexible Food Packaging That Decomposes Like An Orange Peel

TIPA, a developer of sustainable packaging, is set to launch a new bio-based and fully compostable flexible packaging solution in the UK.

With the same end of life organic waste properties as the food it wraps, TIPA’s innovative packaging is said to be as transparent, durable and impermeable as ordinary plastic packaging. However, unlike other commonly used materials on the market, TIPA packaging biologically decomposes in just 180 days and becomes a fertilizer for soil, behaving similarly to an orange peel.

TIPA products currently comprise standalone and printed coextruded transparent and high-transparent cast films, which are sealable and printable on both sides and typically used for the packaging of fresh produce, bakery and grain-mill products. In addition, its transparent and non-transparent laminate series is offered for a variety of food segments and packaging applications including stand-up pouches, bags and pillow packs amongst others for food segments such as granola bars, potato chips and other snacks, grains and dried foods and vitamins capsules.

Speaking about the motivation behind the new innovation, Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO & Co-Founder, said: “I believe the majority of people would like to treat their packages as a natural part of their kitchen waste. TIPA was founded with the purpose of providing a holistic solution to significantly reduce the enormous amount of non-recyclable waste currently generated by the flexible packaging industry. Flexible packages have now become one of the most popular packaging types in the world and this continues to spread due to its supreme functional properties. TIPA’s breakthrough technology combines these same supreme properties, while enabling the packages to decompose back to nature post-usage.”

TIPA is set to announce its first UK brand partnerships at the PPMA Total Show in September.