Henkel Study Reveals Insights About UK Shoppers

Henkel has unveiled new research of 2,100 shoppers in the UK as part of a global long-term study of 52,000 shoppers. The study by the FMCG company offers an in-depth understanding of the UK shoppers and their purchasing journey, based on their attitudes.

Through the analysis of these attitudes, Henkel identified four new groups of shopper typologies in the UK:


The study analysed which customer typologies frequent which major retailers across the UK. Interestingly, there is little variation between retailers. “With this study we can identify untapped current and future opportunities for retailers, highlighting the attitudes which drive their shoppers’ behaviours”, said Manuela Unger, Marketing Director, Laundry and Home Care UK & Ireland, at Henkel.

“In particular, the study has identified the Convenience Shopper as the largest and youngest UK shopper typology, with growth potential. This shopper cluster is unique to the UK and is looking for quick and easy purchases. They are keen to see innovative products, alongside a wide variety of choice, such as organic or ecological options, with supporting information. Promotions and special offers should be as easy as possible.”

Manuela added: “There is clearly huge potential in the Convenience Shopper, especially online. This typology uses online shopping more than any other shopper, highlighting a clear desire for quick, easy and efficient purchasing. Our study shows that the Convenience shoppers use online services to a much higher extent, and make up to 40% of all online shoppers. They also attach importance to convenient and safe payment, easy navigation, and flexibility in delivery & pick up. Product categories and a broad assortment are likewise of paramount importance.

“Retailers can also leverage the Convenience Shopper potential offline, by meeting the shopper needs in store with clear shelf layout, simple and customised offers and brands. Quick distribution build up and visibility of New Product Development (NPD), as well as quick self-check-outs are likewise crucial.”

“It is really interesting to see this new type of shopper evolving, and understanding what drives and motivates them is invaluable in helping retailers to strengthen their competitive position in the retail environment. Henkel is able to support retailers in this challenge by offering a customised approach that helps retailers to better target specific shopper types, and to differentiate in such a competitive market.”