SodaStream Sales Jump 52% As Consumers Make Savvy Supermarket Swaps

Sales of SodaStream, the manufacturer of home carbonation systems, have surged in the UK as consumers purchased 52% more machines in the first half of 2016 compared to the same period the year before (January – June).

In the Western European region, which includes, UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Benelux and Scandinavia, the company generated sales of $74.4m, equivalent to an increase of $9.3m year-on-year, whilst globally, revenue rose by 17.2% to $119.2m.

Whilst company has prospered from its shift away from sugary drinks and into sparkling water as consumers seek out healthier food and drinks, SodaStream said it was also benefiting from fragile consumer confidence, which was weakened further by the recent Brexit vote.

With shoppers anticipating a rise in grocery prices, the company said many consumers are making savvy supermarket swaps with value-for-money high on their agenda. The company highlighted that SodaStream can create a litre of fresh sparkling water for just 15p, compared to bottled sparkling water which on average is 79p per litre (Euromonitor).

Henner Rinsche, president of SodaStream Europe, commented: “It’s very apparent that in these uncertain economic times, people are starting to rethink their spending habits and make small, but important changes. Savvy moves, like ditching expensive bottled sparkling water in favour of using a SodaStream to create fresh sparkling water on tap can have a big impact on wallets over a period of time. Our buoyant sales are testament to this fact.”