Waitrose Launches Ad Campaign For New Premium Range

Waitrose has begun an advertising campaign to support the launch of its new premium food range, Waitrose 1.

The TV adverts are filmed in a similar style to the retailer’s most recent campaign ‘Everything we do goes into everything you taste’ which used real Waitrose farms to show customers exactly where their food comes from.

The latest campaign will now focus on the farms and plantations around the world that produce the ingredients that go into Waitrose 1 food. For example, the adverts show orange groves in Sicily and cocoa beans growing in Tanzania that together create the new Waitrose 1 Tanzanian Chocolate Ice Cream with Blood Orange Sorbet.

The campaign launched on Friday during Channel 4’s Gogglebox, comprising three separate adverts, one of each playing in consecutive ad breaks throughout the programme. The adverts will then rotate until 12 June 2016.

Rupert Thomas, Marketing Director, Waitrose, said: “This new Waitrose 1 campaign shows the care taken by our expert buyers to source fabulous flavours and authentic ingredients from this country and around the world. All our producers, small and large, are chosen because we believe they have something really special to offer our customers.”

In addition to TV, print and digital display advertising, in-store and social media activity will support the campaign.

Waitrose 1 is the biggest own brand range launched by the retailer since 2009 when essential Waitrose was established, now a £1bn brand. Waitrose 1 has initially launched with over 500 products which will increase to more than 800.