Waitrose Makes Major Sustainability Commitment For Canned Tuna Products

Waitrose has become the first supermarket to set a deadline to ensure that all the branded canned tuna it sells will be sourced using more sustainable fishing methods by the end of next year.

Waitrose said the agreement was the result of discussions over the past year in which it has urged its branded tuna suppliers to improve their sustainability credentials. This means that all canned tuna sold in Waitrose supermarkets will either be MSC certified or caught using the pole and line fishing method.

All Waitrose own label canned tuna has been pole and line caught since 2009 (MSC certified since 2013) while all the tuna in own label ready-prepared products, such as sandwiches and pâtés, is also pole and line caught.

Jeremy Ryland Langley, Waitrose’s aquaculture and fisheries manager, said: “Sustainability is at the very heart of what we do and we are proud to have such a strong record for ensuring that our own-label tuna is caught in the most responsible way possible.

“When they buy a can of own-label tuna, our customers know that they are always buying a product which has been sustainably sourced – and now they will have the same assurance when it comes to buying a branded product.”